Conversation Starters About
Ready for the Defense
for Book Clubs


1.In the story, Hank loses a friend.  How do you think you would have reacted if you were Hank?

2.Why is Hank so compelled to find the killer instead of simply letting the police (or FBI) do it?  Is his motivation justified?

3.Do you like Roger Lynch?  Do you think he and Hank would work well together in a partnership?

4.Do you think Hank and Amelia have the elements of a lasting relationship?  Do they perceive each other as equals?  Also, what are Hank’s insecurities (if any) about her?  What are her insecurities (if any) about him?

5.How do you think Hank’s relationship with his parents (and their relationship) with each other) affected his personality?

6.Would you like to read more about Mac?  Why?

7.Hank believes there is a difference between killing someone and letting him die.  Do you agree with him?  Why?


8.Did you solve the mystery before Hank did?  Why?

9.Did you like the very end of the story?  What do you think Hank should do with his life?


10.Do you like the references to the D.C. area, and to contemporary culture?

11.Did you know that America had once developed biowarfare weapons?  Do you think it had to do so?


12.Do you like the dialog in the novel?  All of it?  If not, why?

13.Ready for the Defense is the second novel that Mike has published, although he wrote it first.  How do you think it compares to Mike’s other novel (Dark Horse)?  How did Mike’s writing change between the Dark Horse and Ready for the Defense?  Was there an actual change in writing style or just a change in the narrator’s point of view?

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