Nicky Rigopoulos is a slick personal injury lawyer who sells out his clients to finance his campaign for state court judge in Syracuse, N.Y.  When his law partner is murdered, Nicky finds himself the target of a police investigation.  To make matters worse, his lover won't confirm his alibi, and his estranged wife would rather see him in jail.  As he and his iron-woman defense lawyer scramble to muster a legal defense, the murderer strikes again.  Nicky knows that, if he is to stay out of prison, he must catch the killer before being caught by the police.

So he goes undercover during the middle of his campaign.  To Nicky, "undercover" means over the top.  He dresses like a Hell's Angel before riding into a trailer park to face a disgruntled client.  He dresses like a suburban cowboy before moseying into the Turning Stone Casino, hot on the trail of a down-on-his-luck kemo sabe.  And he dresses like a psychotic football fan before leading police on a high-speed foot chase through the Carrier Dome.  Along the way, he meets a milk-chugging frat boy, an accountant-by-day bookie, and an economist-turned-stripper-turned-bartender.  The truth they help Nicky uncover surprises even the Syracuse police detective bent on bringing him to justice.

Dark Horse is a fast-paced legal mystery that assembles a cast of colorful characters, drops them into the drama of local politics, and adds plenty of humor.