Hank Fisher is not your typical first-year criminal defense lawyer. Acting more like Sherlock Holmes than Oliver Wendell Holmes in the courtroom, he exonerates clients by catching the real bad guys. His unconventional victories come at the chagrin of his larger-than-life boss, Mac, who prefers to pull the twelfth juror from the brink of conviction the old-fashioned way, through an artful cross-examination and an impassioned closing argument. But before the dysfunctional duo can rescue their new client, a United States senator, from the jaws of an apparent IRS investigation, a hit-and-run attack rips their law firm apart, putting one person in a hearse and another in a coma. Hank must find the killer while defending the senator all by himself in a criminal investigation that is spiraling out of control.

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Nicky Rigopoulos is a slick personal injury lawyer who sells out his clients to finance his campaign for state court judge in Syracuse, N.Y. When his law partner is murdered, Nicky finds himself the target of a police investigation. To make matters worse, his lover won't confirm his alibi, and his estranged wife would rather see him in jail. As he and his iron-woman defense lawyer scramble to muster a legal defense, the murderer strikes again. Nicky knows that, if he is to stay out of prison, he must catch the killer before being caught by the police.So he goes undercover during the middle of his campaign. To Nicky, "undercover" means over the top. He dresses like a Hell's Angel before riding into a trailer park to face a disgruntled client. He dresses like a suburban cowboy before moseying into the Turning Stone Casino, hot on the trail of a down-on-his-luck kemo sabe. And he dresses like a psychotic football fan before leading police on a high-speed foot chase through the Carrier Dome. Along the way, he meets a milk-chugging frat boy, an accountant-by-day bookie, and an economist-turned-stripper-turned-bartender. The truth they help Nicky uncover surprises even the Syracuse police detective bent on bringing him to justice.

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"Langan's sense of humor is finely tuned." -- Book Loons

Best Mystery, 
EPIC EPPIE Awards 2009

Best Suspense, Readers' Favorite Book Awards, 2009

Best Mid-Atlantic Novel, Reader Views Literary Awards, 2009
"[J]ust when . . . the tale seems snarled in complexities, first-timer Langan . . . pull[s] a lovely rabbit from his hat." 
-- Kirkus Reviews

[T]horoughly entertaining." 
-- Midwest Book Review

Finalist, Best Mystery, 
Foreword INDIES Awards, 2009
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When struggling lawyer Hank Fisher starts to second guess how his doctor girlfriend Amelia will answer if he pops the question, he decides to accept a generous job offer as a special prosecutor. The problem is he finds no evidence of a crime by his target–a mild-mannered scientist–only a scheme by a corrupt regulatory official to steal a valuable invention. If Hank stays on the case, he’ll become someone he hates but, if he quits, he’ll become someone Amelia could never love.

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"Syracuse's John Grisham." 
-- Syracuse New Times
"[A]n excellent mystery."
-- Readers' Favorite

Best Mid-Atlantic Novel, Reader Views Literary Awards, 2019

Finalist, Readers'
Favorite Book Awards 2020

Distinguished Favorite, Independent Press Awards, 2019

Notable 100 Book,
Shelf Unbound Best Indie
Book Competition, 2019